Steyn City | LuxuryLiving

Vision for quality living surrounded by exquisite architectural designs, forest like parks, sporting facilities, lifestyle features, safety, are some of the key features that make Steyn city so unique and special.

The city within a city comprises of several “villages” which will be built and released in stages to ensure each early adopter receives the quality life from day one and does not experience inconvenience from the construction work.

Plenty of large trees, parks, kids’ zones, outdoor sporting facilities, rivers and lakes allow for the full enjoyment of South Africa’s beautiful weather and outdoor lifestyle.

Among the plentiful sporting facilities on offer are an equestrian center, skate park, fishing, cycling lanes, mountain bike trails, running trails, outdoor gym, yoga and Pilates, tennis, rugby field, 18-hole golf course, and more.

Relaxation is offered at the stunning club house, restaurant, deli, outdoor pool and parks.

There is a school catering for children from grade 000 to matric, adjacent to the city. Offices, shopping center, retirement village and city apartments add to the feeling of living in a town complete with its unique culture and dedication to quality and safety.

And it does not stop there, the developers are fully committed to building a sustainable environment growing their own trees, providing water saving and other green living solutions.

If you are looking for an end to end lifestyle experience in one of the most exclusive developments in Gauteng, Steyn city is most likely the answer.