1. Agents to screen buyers/tenants first to ensure only qualified and serious buyers/tenants are taken to view properties.

2. All agents who fall within the high risk category or are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 will continue with self-isolation and operate remotely and substitute agents will be available to take clients to view properties.

3. Agent will ask both the occupants of the property as well as the clients wanting to view the property if they fall within the high risk category or if they are experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19 and if so, rather postpone the appointment until all parties are healthy.

4. Agents will e-mail links and virtual tours of available properties that meet their criteria to buyers/ tenants to enable them to make a shortlist of properties for viewing.

5. Agents will ask buyers to only send the final decision makers to view the properties and not the entire family.

6. Pre-registration of all private viewing attendees including name, address and phone number to assist with contact tracing if necessary.

7. Viewing rules to be shared with all attendees prior to the viewing.

8. Only one agent to attend a private viewing.

9. High risk people should consider not attending the viewing (e.g. those over 70 or those  with other existing medical conditions).

10. Clients will not be allowed to drive with agents. Clients to follow agents in their own vehicle. 

11. Agents will request buyers/ tenants to wear masks or bandannas on their mouths and noses while viewing properties and to not touch anything while viewing the house.

12. Keep private viewings very brief. 

13. Agents to wear hand gloves at all times during the viewing appointment. Only the agent must open doors, handle keys etc. Buyers/ tenants/viewers not to touch anything in the property at all times.

14. No physical contact between clients and agents (no hand shaking, hugging etc.)

15. Practice social distancing during appointments. Clients and Agent at least 1 meter apart at all times. 

16. Agents will ask sellers/ occupants to open all windows and doors prior to the viewing appointment.

17. Sellers/ occupants to leave property during the viewing appointment if possible.

18. No open houses/ show houses. Private viewings strictly by appointment only. 

19. Sellers/ occupants of properties viewed to ensure hand sanitizer is available in guest bathroom during viewing                    appointment. Sellers/ occupants may also request the clients viewing their home not to use the bathroom but should inform the agent of this in advance.

20. Agents to ensure thorough sanitizing before and after appointment of hands, keys, door handles etc. 

21. Agents to rely on digital documentation where possible to avoid handling of any physical collateral or elements.

22. Agents to carry hand sanitizer on them at all times during the viewing appointments. 

23. Agents will request buyers/ tenants to sanitize their hands before entering each property and also when exiting the property.