Finding a good home to rent can be a daunting task, especially if you are in a foreign country, but it needn’t be if you plan ahead on what to look for and take a systematic approach.

Finding a local expert in property that you can trust is absolutely crucial for the successful home finding, but what to do once you have shortlisted 2-3 properties to ensure the one you choose is the right one for you?


Enter the Home Choice Matrix:

Proven to:

• remove the emotion out of the process

• prioritise what is important

• identify the most suitable home if you work through it and stick to the result it produces.


Start by…

Make a priority list, what are the most important points you need in your home. Examples: Proximity to work and/or school, secure estate, domestic quarters, number of bedrooms.

Put a weight on each priority. For examples: if a secure estate is your top non-negotiable priority, you might want to give it a weighting of 5. If a domestic room is nice to have but not too important and you can go without it, the weighting should be 1.

List your deal breakers and what you are willing to compromise on. For example: If you are a family of four, it might be a deal breaker if a home only has two bedrooms. On the other hand, you might be willing to compromise and have your children share a room.

List the 3-4 shortlisted homes you have identified. You will dedicate one column for each of these homes in your Home Choice Matrix. For example: House in Parkhurst Apartment in Sandton House in Waterfall 


Home Choice Matrix

• Column 1 - Complete your top priorities

• Column 2 - weighting you give each priority

• Column 3 – the score you give shortlisted home 1 (i.e. A house in Parkhurst)

• Column 4 - the score you give shortlisted home 2 (i.e. An apartment in Sandton)

• Column 5 - the score you give shortlisted home 3 (i.e. A house in Waterfall)


Multiply the weight in column 2 with the score in column 3, 4, etc and tally up the total for each house. Compare the totals scores and voila! Let the best home win…


If you use the matrix and tally up the score of 2-3 potential homes, you will be surprised how much clarity this system will give you when you are undecided between different homes.

Remember: Looks are important, but comfort, practicality and proximity to the main points of your daily commute – work – school, are crucial for your long-term enjoyment of your home and quality of life.

Contact your trusted property expert for support, and advice on choosing the home that will keep you happy the longest!


Download the pdf document to view an example matrix and to complete your own.